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The XenoGenesis Theory was the first scientific collection of evidence that suggested the Kushan people were not native to the planet of Kharak.

The Theory[edit | edit source]

The distant past on Kharak was either a mystery or a theological matter. Up until the Time of Reason was at its height, all Kharaki generally accepted that they were from Kharak.

S'jet scientists, now working within the biological, chemical and genetic fields, revealed to the world that there was a lack of similarity between the helix proteins of the Kushan people and the majority of life forms on Kharak. The only life forms that bore any genetic similarity were varieties of bacteria and a single species of grain-eating vermin, the riiti.

Kriil S'jet, true to Kiith S'jet's always uncompromising attitude in its quest for scientific truth, presented the conclusions to the Daiamid at Tiir, and the news shook Kharakian society to its core.

Religious kiith had preached for centuries that the Kushan people had been exiled from some heavenly paradise, but this belief had faded somewhat after the conclusion of the Heresy Wars. This new evidence seemed to prove the theologians right.

These myths and the new scientific evidence were incorporated into what became known as the XenoGenesis Theory. However, proof of the theory would not come until the discovery of Khar-Toba and the Guidestone in the period 1106 – 1155 KDS.

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