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Hello there editor!
I am just a humble editor who edits on a few wiki's here on Wikia. Most of my contributions are centered around coding, templates, infoboxes and policies, though I edit in the mainspace on some wiki's, depending on the topic. If you need my assistance, please use the associated Message Wall or talkpage on the wiki where you see this message. :)

Credit to 452.

Announcement: A lot less busy, but have little motivation to edit. Will edit whenever I can though.


Why hi there! The name's SuperSajuuk, but you can just call me Sajuuk!

My duty on the wiki is to keep it maintained, but also (whenever I get the time to do so), it involves rewriting existing articles, removing unnecessary pages, adding new pages for content that has never been entered on the wiki and more. Before I ever consider resigning from this wiki, I want to feel like I've actually made this wiki a worthy source of all Homeworld-related content. :)

I am also the operator of SajuukBot, a user account which is used to make multiple repetitive edits that are too tedious to do manually. It uses AutoWikiBrowser to make edits.

I joined the wiki in 2009 and edited here for a short period of time. I returned in January 2015 and became a sysop on the wiki, gaining some additional tools to improve the site further. On 16th July 2015, my adoption request was formally approved by Wikia Staff, granting me the bureaucrat flag: this doesn't actually change anything for me, except providing me the ability to grant some tools to others if there is a need for this.

I have currently made Special:Editcount/SuperSajuuk edits to the wiki. A full list of where these edits have been made can be found here: Special:Editcount/SuperSajuuk

List of Projects

This is a list of various projects that I need to do. Projects listed here do not guarantee they are being worked on:

  • Remove useless templates that don't serve any purpose here
  • Clean up Special:WantedPages by removing links or creating articles at the red links
  • Start a wiki-wide project to cite all data
  • Remove content that refers to websites that do not exist (eg pages on actual websites, pages based on information obtained from a long-since removed website etc)
  • Categorise every image under appropriate categories
  • Categorise every article under appropriate categories per this discussion
  • Add {{File Information}} and {{Gamescreenshot}} to all images
  • Remove "Sources" section from articles and replace links in "Appearances" section with appropriate template
  • Make use of <ref></ref> tags for anything that needs to be referenced (for such pages, a "References" section will be required)
  • Help out in other possible ways

Current Projects

These are the projects that I'm working on currently. To ensure streamlining of the list, only one project will be completed at a time:

  • Rewrite history-based articles to use proper references and fact.
  • Rewrite all mission articles to follow expected formatting.

Postpoined Projects

These are the projects that are temporarily postponed, due to the effort needed for them. They will be returned to at a later time.

  • Add {{File Information}} and {{Gamescreenshot}} to all images currently in use on a page.
    • Exclude concept art, files that aren't in use, or files showcasing modded content
      • Concept art will be dealt with later, once we've discovered what concept art is considered "official".
      • Files that are not in use should be tagged with {{Unused}}
      • Files showing content from mods should be tagged with {{Delete|reason=Modded content}}

Completed Projects

These are projects which I have completed (not in order):

  • Move all ship pages to new article standard to help searchability for users who have never played Homeworld: Cataclysm
    • Pretty much done, with a couple of exceptions. They'll be cleaned up much later, since too much focus on this removes focus from pressing matters.
  • Replace existing infoboxes with new system that is simpler to use
    • Pretty much done. The infoboxes that haven't yet been rewritten will probably be removed as they're probably useless (some pages needing an ibox will get their iboxes written as necessary, not a priority though).
  • Rewrite all Homeworld: Cataclysm mission strategies to be more neutral for a more appropriate strategy
  • Make the site mobile friendly as best as possible
    • Please report any mobile styling issues on my talkpage (use a heading of "Mobile style issue") so they can be fixed.
    • This effort is most likely wasted due to changes by Wikia to the skin.
  • Remove unnecessary external links to YouTube video walkthroughs.
  • Add {{Conceptart}} to all concept art images to replace the old template.


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