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Trinity canon
Trinity Cannon
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The Trinity Cannon is a powerful anti-ship gun built into the Battlecruiser. It is a spinally mounted triple-barreled weapon battery, used against frigate and capital class ships. A single well-aimed salvo can destroy a frigate outright or severely damage an enemy capital ship.

In firepower, the Trinity Cannon roughly matches the strength of the ion cannons employed on the Hiigaran counterpart. While the turret-mounted ion cannons on the Hiigaran ship allow for greater flexibility in dealing with smaller targets, the Vaygr battlecruiser is better able to bring all of its firepower to bear on a single enemy.

The positioning of the Trinity Cannon also brings about some tactical nuance in capital ship combat between Hiigaran and Vaygr fleets. Because the cannon is fixed in the forward position on the Vaygr ship, a Hiigaran battlecruiser can sometimes outmaneuver its opponent, staying out of the line of fire while blasting away. As both sides' battlecruisers are virtually identical in armor and firepower, the Hiigaran ship getting in the first shot in such a manner can be fatal for the Vaygr player. As such, Vaygr cruisers should always seek to enter battle directly facing their targets in order to use the cannon most effectively.

Unlike the Hiigaran Battlecruiser's Ion Cannon Turrets, the Trinity Cannon cannot be disabled by anti-subsystem bombs, but as it lacks the flexibility of turreted weapons, the easiest way to get around this menace is merely to stay out of it's extremely limited cone of fire - an easy task for most frigates - or disable the engines so that it cannot be aimed.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • According to Homeworld Shipyards, the primary weapon of the Vaygr Battlecruiser was the Uber Pulse Forward Weapon, however the proper name of it is the Trinity Cannon, as the Homeworld 2 Manual says.