Torpedo Frigate
Torpedo Frigate
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Anti Frigate (upgrade)
Ship Type
RU Cost
700 RUs
Technical Information
161 m/s
2 Torpedo Launchers

The Torpedo Frigate was one of most common frigates during the second homeworld era. It was armed with twin torpedo tubes capable of firing either cluster missiles or anti-ship torpedoes. Cluster missiles were designed to separate into several homing sub-munitions which were devastating against corvette class ships, though only moderately effective against fighters. Anti-ship torpedoes could be equipped with an upgrade, which gives the Torpedo frigate additional punch against frigates and capital ships.

Even with the anti-ship torpedo upgrade though, the Torpedo Frigate's damage output is less than that of the Ion Cannon Frigate and the Heavy Missile Frigate and it also possesses inferior hull strength, and as such it cannot stand up to either in equal numbers. Despite this, the Torpedo frigate's flexibility made it an invaluable part of the Hiigaran fleet. The frigate's torpedoes are particularly effective against resource collectors, able to destroy an un-upgraded collector in two shots, making this ship ideal for raiding enemy resource nodes especially with the aid of a hyperspace jump. The torpedoes are also very effective against capital ship subsystems.


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