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Tiir (derived from Tiiraa, "Work" in Kharakid)[1] was a hidden Kiith Naabal city and since c. 813 KDS had served as Kharak's capital city.


Tiir was located on the North Pole, hidden from most of Kharak's population and the home city of Kiith Naabal. The Naabal were the first to invent chemical explosives, firearms, and steam-powered vehicles, which they did in secret during the devastating Heresy Wars after being forced to into hiding by the racist Kiith Siidim. After almost 300 years the Naabal, led by their Kiith-Sa Ifriit Naabal, re-emerged with their chemical weapons and in only 3 years, he brought an end to the war that could've erased Kharakian life if it had gone on a few years longer. Soon after it was made the capital city of Kharak when the Time of Reason began after a series of Naabali victories that resulted in total victory for their forces. Tiir became the home of the Great Daiamid.

Soon Tiir became the centre of Kharakian life. Here the Great Daiamid made decisions concerning the whole globe, created laws, and settled disputes.

Tiir was home to the Kiith Hraal-owned Hraal Industrial Works foundry, which created massive vehicles such as the Ifriit-Naabal, and the Kapisi.

In 1110 KDS, during Operation Khadiim, the city was besieged by a massive Gaalsien force, but it was repelled.

One of the most notable events in Tiir's history took place in 1112 KDS when the Gaalsien Base's database and the Second Core, found in Khar-Toba, were transported to the city, leading to the development of new technologies.

Kharak destruction.jpg

Tiir was completely destroyed in 1216 KDS, amongst all other of the cities of Kharak during the Burning of Kharak.


  • Tiir was first seen in Homeworld, however, although the city was mentioned in the Historical and Technical Briefing, it wasn't confirmed the city shown in the cutscenes was actually Tiir until Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak did it.


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