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Hiigaran interface galaxy

Homeworld Galaxy

The Galaxy, known as the Whirlpool Galaxy, is the place that the Homeworld Saga takes place.

Overview Edit

The galaxy itself is known to be a spiral galaxy. The galaxy, also known as M51 in our universe, is a galaxy at about 23 Million LY away, in the constellation of Canes Venatici. It is about 76,000 lightyears in diameter, relatively small for a galaxy in comparison with the Milky Way. However, in spite of its size, the galaxy has supported several powerful empires such as the Progenitors, the Hiigaran Empire, and the Taiidan Empire.

Known Maps Edit

There have been many maps of the galaxy but in particular one stands out. Shortly before the Homeworld War, a map of the galaxy found by the Kushan race inside the ruins of the Khar-Toba, a prison ship converted into a city following its crash upon Kharak. This map, etched upon a stone from the Angel Moon would be used later by the Kushan to find their way back to Hiigara.

Galaxy Regions Edit

Galaxy map

Galaxy concept art

Galactic Core Edit

Main article: Galactic Core Centre of the Galaxy. Within was a cluster of black holes, known as Balcora, where the Progenitor warship, Sajuuk, was located.

Inner Rim Edit

Main article: Inner Rim The Inner Rim was the region closest to the Galactic Core. Later, it became a centre of conflict between various factions including the Taiidan Empire and the Hiigaran Empire, as well as the Vaygr under Makaan.

Mid Rim Edit

An area of the galaxy located between the Inner Rim and the Outer Rim, notable for Mid Rim Dustbank. The majority of the Great Wastelands lay here.

The Great Wastelands Edit

Main article: Great Wastelands The Great Wastelands was a large mineral-rich region of the galaxy located to the west of the Core and which overlapped both the Mid Rim and Outer Rim. During the Homeworld War it was a prominent battleground. The Great Nebula lay here.

Outer Rim Edit

Main article: Outer Rim One of the largest regions of the galaxy. The Exile homeworld of Kharak lies there.

Vaygr Reaches Edit

Main article: Vaygr Reaches The Vaygr Reaches were located at the eastern end of the galaxy.

Companion Galaxy Edit

A dwarf galaxy located a short distance outside of the central galaxy, connected through a thin trail of stars. Little is known about this companion, as it appears to have taken no part in any of the major events of the galaxy. In Homeworld: Cataclysm, the Beast infected ship known as the Naggarok originated from this companion galaxy.

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