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The Exile is the collective name among Hiigarans for when the Galactic Council ordered the survivors of Hiigara into exile after they destroyed various Taiidani outposts, bombarded the Taiidani homeworld, and later fought against the Bentusi when they attempted to confiscate the second core. The decision to force the Hiigarans into the Exile was mostly made at the hands of the Taiidan and corrupt Council members, but was also an act of mercy on the Council's part.

Details Edit

The very beginning of the Exile was when the Old Hiigarans were ordered by the Council to surrender the Second Core to the Bentusi harbor ship Bentus, or be exiled. However, when the Hiigaran Fleet saw that Bentus was undefended, the fleet commander made the decision to attack the ship. In the end, though, Bentus and the ships docked in it were able to subdue the whole Hiigaran fleet and the doomed Sajuuk's Wrath crashed into the Angel Moon (with the core). After the destruction of virtually the entire Hiigaran Fleet, a Taiidani Admiral named Riesstiu conquered several Hiigaran worlds that were now rendered defenseless after the crippling defeat at the hands of the Bentusi. With his pillaging over, he demanded all Hiigarans to be executed or enslaved for the desolation of the old Taiidan homeworld Taiidan. However, after heated negotiations spearheaded by the remorseful Bentusi, the Galactic Council forced Admiral Riesstiu to back down from his bloodthirsty goal. However, their alternative was to force the Hiigaran survivors to board sublight transports and enter a period of permanent exile. The Hiigarans' only hope of salvation was a stone from the Angel Moon with a detailed map to Hiigara etched onto its surface and the smuggled core.

With the beginning of the Exile, the entire surviving Hiigaran population was forced to board a convoy of transports that would ferry the Hiigarans through space until a suitable homeworld could be found for them to resettle themselves on. For generations, the convoy ventured into deep space, and eventually, the Hiigarans as a race were virtually forgotten. During the journey, the Hiigarans suffered miserably and soon lost their sense of identity. Many of them did not survive the journey due to the primitive technology employed by the convoy, leading to the loss of many vessels and their passengers. Despite the hardship, the Hiigarans eventually found refuge on the desert world of Kharak, where the Hiigarans found a place to call home and reestablished themselves as the Kushan.

Aftereffects Edit

Possibly the most important consequence is that it led up to a major loss of knowledge by the once-advanced Hiigarans, cleared the way for the corrupt rule of the Taiidani Imperium, and led up to the Kharakian Genocide. Other effects that are less in the limelight are that it led to the creation of the Kadeshi race, who were descendants of the Hiigarans, just like the Kushan.


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