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"Deep inside the The Great Derelict at Tanis, construction of a new Mothership is underway, 'Pride of Hiigara'." — Narrator in Homeworld 2

Tanis Station
Tanis with mothership
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The Great Tanis Derelict was the location of a hidden shipyard facility, located at Tanis in the Great Wastelands. The structure of the shipyard was based on a piece of an ancient starship. Tanis Station, the name for the Hiigaran base there, was responsible for the construction of the new Hiigaran Mothership, The Pride of Hiigara.


The Tanis Station was supported by two small defense platforms armed with basic anti-fighter weapons, and Chimera Station, an unarmed base which monitored the area with its sensors and housed fighters used to help stop the initial Vaygr attack. These fighters joined the Mothership fleet after the disabling of Chimera Station by Vaygr bombers.

"We cannot stay here any longer. Emergency Launch underway." — Karan S'jet

The Tanis station was later destroyed by Vaygr forces, who had jumped to the Great Derelict with the intent of destroying the new Mothership before it was completed. However, the plan failed: The Pride of Hiigara, still not fully crewed, performed an emergency launch, and after emergency docking of its supporting ships (Fighters, Bombers and Resource Collectors) the Pride of Hiigara jumped towards the Angel Moon, the moon of Hiigara. Just as the jump was made, a massive Vaygr fleet emerged from hyperspace and began the bombardment of Tanis, the two defense stations and Chimera Station. Tanis Station was reduced to a smoldering hulk, striking a terrifying first blow against the Hiigarans and initiating the opening stages of the Vaygr War.



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