Political information
Type of government


Societal information


Official language(s)

Galactic Common, Taiidan language

Official colour(s)

Broom yellow base and roof terracotta stripe

Historical information
Formed from

Taiidan Empire

Date of establishment

9510 GSY


"Forces loyal to the old Emperor lurk in the new bandit kingdoms, waiting for their chance to strike back.." — Somtaaw Fleet Briefing

The Taiidan Imperialist Faction had no real ruling body, but rather was a loose organization of the old Taiidan Empire's surviving commanders and systems that remained loyal to their fallen Emperor. They called themselves "Loyalists" and were responsible for harassing Hiigaran trade ships, as well as several direct assaults on Hiigara itself. Most of their attacks peaked around 15 AHL.

The Taiidan Imperialist used their hidden, post-imperial bases in an attempt to ruin the newly-created Taiidan Republic, and to take revenge on the Hiigarans for the death of their previous Emperor, Riesstiu IV the Second. The Imperialists tried twice before 15 AHL to reunite several planetary governments created after the fall of their Empire. In addition, the Loyalists made several attempts to breach Hiigara's security zone, none of which were successful.