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Taiidan imperial palace on Hiigara.

The Taiidan once controlled a vast interstellar empire until the Homeworld War, which ended with the death of Emperor Riesstiu IV the Second.

Taiidan Empire[]

Main article: Taiidan Empire The Taiidan Empire was founded over 3000 years BHL, after a large galactic conflict caused hundreds of smaller governments, who had achieved interstellar travel through contact with the Bentusi, to consolidate into several large empires. The Taiidan were one of the races that founded the Galactic Council, and in the first years of its existence they brought numerous conflicts in front of the Council, against the Hiigaran Empire. Eventually the Hiigarans attacked the Taiidan, their fleet under command of the Sajuuk's Wrath destroyed numerous fleets, and bombarded the Taiidan Imperial Palace on the Taiidan Homeworld. The Galactic Council helped the Taiidan and forced the Hiigarans to surrender their Hyperspace Core. After a long battle with the Bentus, the Hiigaran fleet was rendered ineffective. A Taiidan border fleet, the only remaining forces of the Empire, saw their chance, as young Admiral Riesstiu led his fleet and conquered several worlds of the Hiigaran Empire. Many planets have fallen under the force of the Taiidan fleet and millions of lives were lost. The Galactic Council asked the Bentusi to help stop the massacre, and therefore negotiations began between Riesstiu and the Hiigaran Daiamid. As a result the Hiigarans were forced into exile, ceding their homeworld, on which a new Imperial Palace was built.

In period between 300 BHL and 0 AHL the Taiidan Empire become one of the largest the galaxy had ever seen, with borders reaching the edges of the Outer Rim. However it also become corrupt and weakened during its last years. The Taiidan Empire finally fell at Hiigara, with the Kushan - allied with the Taiidan Rebellion - destroying Emperor Riesstiu IV the Second and his Imperial flagship in combat.

Post Imperial History[]

Main articles: Taiidan Republic and Taiidan Imperialist Faction After the fall of the Empire, many Taiidan worlds formed their own independent kingdoms. The repression under Riesstiu IV the Second caused many planets to not want anything to do with the Taiidan again. However there were several worlds who joined the Republic, the new government formed by the Rebellion. The Taiidan Republic became allied with the Hiigarans, and later assisted them in various actions, even exchanging intelligence informations. However, some of the Imperial forces were still loyal to the Empire, creating the Taiidan Imperialist Faction, which attempted (several times, unsuccessfully) to reconquer Hiigara.

By 115 AHL the remnants of the Taiidan joined with or were conquered by the Vaygr warlord Makaan and joined the Vaygr fleet in its invasion of Hiigaran territory.

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