Super Acolyte
Super Acolyte
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
300 RUs
Technical Information
40 tons
1000 m/s2
900 m/s
2 Small Ion Cannons

The Super Acolyte is a unique form of fighter exclusive to the Bentusi and is the only known Bentusi ship designed solely for combat.

Background Edit

It was armed with two advanced ion cannons and could withstand considerable damage for a fighter class vessel. They were deployed by the Bentusi when they fought with the Kuun-Lan and its fleet, and the Bentusi later allowed the fleet to produce its own Super Acolytes to help fight the Beast. Kiith Somtaaw were eventually able to destroy the Naggarok using these high speed capital ship killers. No spacefaring race has ever been able to determine the exact details on the inner workings of these fighters, this is one of the greatest secrets of the Bentusi and most likely died with Bentus.

They are the most lethal strike craft in existence by a wide margin within this time period. Their ion cannons do extreme damage and have pinpoint accuracy, devastating both strike craft and capital ships rapidly.

These ships are the original Bentusi fighter. Kiith Somtaaw purchased plans from the Bentusi which allowed them to create the Acolyte.

Appearances Edit

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