Closed Slipgate

A Slipgate is a type of hyperspace gate seen only in Homeworld: Cataclysm. Its purpose was to allow ships to move a vast distance without requiring a hyperdrive module.

Overview Edit

It is unknown how exactly Slipgates work, nor if they are even similar to the quantum wavefront being created by standard hyperdrives. However, slipgates appear to create a constant connection between two points, and there are no known examples of ships dropped out of hyperspace after entering a slipgate.

Slipgates appear in two different sizes - large, blue and medium, yellow. Each slipgate opens itself when a ship approaches, emitting a very bright glow with several beams of light shining from opening gate. The gate becomes much larger, over one kilometer across glowing bright light and shining in the direction it's opened. In the meantime the same thing happens to the exit gate, which is preparing to release the ship from hyperspace. When travel is completed, the gate closes itself. However, a larger ship could not use a smaller slipgate: a ship must use a slipgate in proportion to its size.

There is only one known location to contain a slipgate: the Kadiir Nebula had a slipgate known as the Zeta Gate in the inner location of the nebula, with the Epsilon Gate in the outskirts.

Trivia Edit

  • Only large slipgates are seen during the campaign, but variants are known from multiplayer maps.

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