Short Jump is the term for a type of hyperdrive developed in the first time by Bentusi and sold to many races on the Outer Rim Trade Routes. It allowed ships to move faster and farther then any conventional drive would allow. It is known that many races developed improvements; however, they were still far from creating hyperdrives able to Far Jump. Therefore, ships equipped with Short Jump drives can travel larger distances only by a series of shorter jumps, waiting each time for the hyperdrive to recharge.


  • In multiplayer mode, all ships frigate-size or larger can make Short Jumps, at the cost of a certain amount of RUs (the longer the jump, the more RU's are required. There is a maximum limit, regardless of distance).
  • In all of the Homeworld games, enemy reinforcements arrive via short jumps, as the reinforcements in all Homeworld games do not have a ship capable of Far Jumping.
  • In Homeworld: Cataclysm, the Kuun-Lan is not equipped with one of the Three Hyperspace Cores. This means all of the end-mission jumps are classified as short jumps.
  • In Homeworld 2, the Pride of Hiigara makes a short jump in Mission 4 to jump past Vaygr forces and destroy a Vaygr command station.


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