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This is the article on the Vaygr shipyard. If you are looking for the article on the similar Hiigaran vessel, see Shipyard.

Ship Information
Ship Construction
Resource Operations
Ship Type
Production Facility
RU Cost
4000 RUs
Technical Information
15 m/s
11 Hull Defence Guns

The Shipyard is a deep-space production facility that builds Vaygr ships, primarily Capital Ships and Super Capital Ships

Background Edit

The Shipyard is as large, if not larger, than Makaan's Flagship. It bears resemblance to the flagship in that it has a main hull and docking bay like his. The differences include a large structure rising up from the rear of the ship, almost like a bridge overlooking a large ship. It also has different markings and engines.

The shipyard can produce every Vaygr ship short of Makaan's flagship. It moves very slowly and has little weapons systems. Finally, the shipyard is so large that it has to be produced in an orbital factory or space station and then hyperspaced to the front.

Appearances Edit

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