This is the article on the Hiigaran patrol vessel. If you are looking for the article on the similar ship used by the Vaygr, see Scout. For other uses, see Scout



Scout Hiigaran

Ship Information
Ship Type
RU Cost
350 RUs
Technical Information
480 m/s
1 Pea Shooter
1 EMP Weapon

The Scout is a very light strike craft used for patrolling and explorations, and also to harry enemy units. The Hiigaran and the Vaygr Scout are very much similar in terms of function and only differs in appearance and speed (when you research the engines upgrade for all fighters in the Vaygr race, your Vaygr scouts' movement speed is also upgraded and they become much faster than their Hiigaran counterpart).

The scout has very fast engines but has only light armor and weapons. Thus, it relies on its maneuverability and speed to evade enemy fire. Although it is not designed for direct combat with any other ship, it can give special support to all other combat ships when upgraded with the EMP (electromagnetic pulse) ability as well as the sensor ping.

Appearances Edit

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