Ship Information
Ship Construction
RU Cost
3200 RUs
Technical Information
100,000 tons
1370.3 metres

The Scaffold was a massive orbiting facility located over Kharak. It was used to construct the Mothership. Upon the Mothership's return it would have served to install weapons modules and conventional drives on the Mothership, but it had been destroyed by a Taiidani fleet. It was built for the sole purpose of building and servicing the Mothership and no similar facilities have been built since its destruction.

History Edit

The Scaffold was constructed to fit the needs to build the Mothership itself. After 20 years of building up the planet's infrastructure, the Kushan spent the next 20 years constructing the massive facility in orbit. Measuring 25.6 kilometers in length and easily visible from the surface, it became the only moon Kharak has ever known.

The Scaffold would supply the construction of the Mothership for the next 25 years, during that time parts of the Scaffold itself were cannibalized to assist construction of the Mothership. At the Mothership's completion the Mothership was launched with little ceremony from the Scaffold's grip.

After the Mothership's departure, however, the Scaffold became a primary target for the invading Taiidan Imperial Fleet, and was destroyed with several strikes to the Scaffold's structure. The station launched its own security forces to stave off the Taiidani bombers that had attacked the station, but they were hopelessly overwhelmed and exterminated. After being blown to fragments by a giant explosion (possibly the station's internal fission reactor plants), the Scaffold became a derelict ruin when it was found by the returning Kushan Mothership.

Nearly a century later the Scaffold's remains presumably still orbit the dead world of Kharak, serving as a representative of the tomb-like planet it orbits.

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