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Sajuuk was a mythological god in the Homeworld universe. His influence reached across much of the Galaxy which the Homeworld universe takes place in. He is commonly known as the Great Maker, or He Whose Hand Shapes What Is.

According to Bentus, Sajuuk was a Progenitor, the one who forged the Three Cores, to help unlock the mysteries of Hyperspace. A ship was named after him, which would later fall in the hands of the Hiigaran people.

History[edit | edit source]

His name was first mentioned in the history of Kiith Gaalsien and his name was given to the Taiidan Ion cannon frigate- "Sajuuk-Cor", which roughly translates into "Wrath of God". The dreadnought of the ancient Hiigaran Empire was also named Sajuuk's Wrath, and was used in the bombing of the Taiidani Imperial Palace and against the Bentusi in the time before the Exile.

In the events of Homeworld 2, it is prophesied that Sajuuk will return and herald the coming of the End Time. This, along with the Vaygr invasion led by Makaan, forced Karan S'jet to lead the Hiigarans in another epic journey across the Galaxy. Sajuuk, as Homeworld 2's story unfolds, turns out to be a Progenitor warship which could only be activated by combining the three great Hyperspace Cores. This ship was used to activate the Eye of Aarran, a galaxy-spanning network of hyperspace gates.

It is possible that Sajuuk is a universal deity popular among several intergalactic nations, not just among the Hiigarans. This is likely due to the immense destructive power the Progenitor warship wielded, as well as its key role in the galaxy spanning hyperspace gate system; so great was its power that primitive races such as the Hiigarans and Taiidan may have worshipped it as a deity.

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