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Ramming Frigate
Ramming frigate.jpg
Ship Information
Rams vessels/asteroids
Ship Type
RU Cost
650 RUs
Technical Information
12,900 tons
398 m/s

The Minion Class Heavy Tug, better known as the Ramming Frigate is a frigate sized ship used for ramming other ships out of the way. It also acted a support ship for pushing asteroids from dense fields to larger ships where they were mined, or to cut them into pieces in order to make them more vulnerable to harvesting. Due to the heroic actions of the reckless crews of two particular Minions however, the ship became what it is now: An situational yet deadly part of the Kiith Somtaaw fleet.


Minions are piloted by 5 crewmen, usually those who just completed their training. This frigate evolved from units used before the Homeworld War - many initially assembled sections of the Scaffold were pushed by heavy tugs to their final locations for lockdown.

Minions are better known as Ramming Frigates because of the heroic action of 2 frigates who defended the Kuun-Lan from an attack by the Turanic Raiders. When the mining fleet was attacked by an Attack Carrier it became obvious that they would not stand a chance against it and would be forced to retreat from a valuable belt of radioactive resources. At that moment, despite the general policy of all non-combat vessels such as Workers and Minions to retreat, two crews of Minions moved their ships to the broadside of aggressors and, using full power of their fusion drives, they pushed the carrier straight into area of fast moving asteroids which one by one hit the ship, finally destroying it. Since then, Minion pilots have jokingly called their ships "Ramming Frigates" and started painting kill marks on their crash helms.


Ramming Frigates are used to push enemy ships back by ramming them. Once the target is rammed, it is rendered unable to maneuver while being pushed, and left vulnerable to other ships, though it can still fire weapons if available. The ramming frigate also has a fusion torch on its underbelly that damages the ship it's ramming. Against strike craft, ramming frigates will simply plow through any small ship unlucky enough to end up in its path; unlikely given the difference in their maneuverability, but any that do receive heavy, if not fatal damage for their lack of caution.

Overall, the Ramming Frigate is not particularly deadly on its own. However, its ability to reposition other bigger ships, even powerful units such as Destroyers and Carriers, allows the frigate a lot of valuable indirect support options: Removing a capital ship from a battle in order to weaken the rest of the attacking force, isolating a single ship into a vulnerable position for assault etc.

Players should avoid using the Ramming Frigate against Beast super-capital ships in the campaign. If the Ramming Frigate comes into contact with a Beast Heavy Cruiser or Carrier, it will immediately be infected. Beast Frigates, Turanic Raiders and Imperialists are definitely fair game.


  • The manual gives the name "Minion-class Heavy Tug".[1]
  • Ramming Frigates are available to the Kiith Somtaaw from the very start of the single player campaign. In Skirmishes, Afterburner Technology must be researched first.



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