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Rachel S'jet
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Character Information
Date of Birth
Before 0 AHL
Physical Description
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Rachel S'jet is the Chief Science Officer of the Coalition of the Northern Kiithid's expedition to investigate the Jaraci Object deep in the Great Banded Desert. She is the ancestor of Karan S'jet.

She is also partially motivated by a desire to locate her missing brother, Jacob, who vanished in the first expedition to the Primary Anomaly.[1][2]

Rachel S'jet played a critical role in the eventual defeat of the Kiith Gaalsien and their former allies-turned-betrayers the Kiith Siidim, who both sought possession of the Jaraci Object and with it access to the fabled site of Khar-Toba. Having discovered her brother's self-sacrifice in acquiring an ancient Taiidan weapon to ensure their enemies never reached the long-lost city, Rachel secured the weapon, an orbital weapons satellite to destroy their enemies before finally discovering the first city of Kharak. The success of the costly expedition would eventually ensure the Kushan's return to outer space, and unlock the true origins of their people.

In-Game Unit[edit | edit source]

In the campaign Rachel pilots a larger, heavily modified Baserunner. This vehicle has significantly different abilities than a standard Baserunner and must be protected; if she is destroyed you instantly lose the game.

The differences between her vehicle and a standard Baserunner are the following:

  • She is significantly tougher starting at 10000 HP, more than twice a standard Baserunner and Research able to push this even higher
  • She cannot launch Probes
  • She cannot deploy Defense Turrets
  • She has a remote repair beam. Research can enhance this to improve its repair speed and give it an area of effect, similar to a Support Cruiser
  • She has better onboard weapons, but still can't handle heavy combat and is only really effective against Strike Craft
  • She eventually gets an area-of-effect EMP Burst that can stun enemy vehicles
  • She eventually gets the ability to Hack enemy vehicles and take control of them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was voiced by Hayley Sales.[3]
  • It is implied that Rachel is an ancestor of Karan S'jet.

References[edit | edit source]

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