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The Progenitors were an ancient race to whom the development of hyperspace technology is attributed.


Very little is known about who the Progenitors were, where they came from, or what became of them. The Progenitors arrived in the Homeworld galaxy before the Galactic Dating System began, over 10,000 years before the Dust War. Their empire and influence spanned nearly the entire galaxy, and many Progenitor relics, such as the Great Network of Hyperspace Gates, the three Hyperspace cores, and others, have been found in its farthest corners.


The Progenitors possessed highly advanced technology that far surpassed that of all other spacefaring civilizations even millenia after their departure from the Galaxy. Many of their ships were exceedingly durable and could sustain withering firepower from Vaygr and Hiigaran weaponry before succumbing to battle damage. In addition, the reliability of their technology was such that almost all of their creations remained fully functional despite the thousands of years of the Progenitors' absence.

Most armed Progenitor ships, such as the Progenitor Drones and Keepers were completely automated, likely to spare the Progenitors themselves from having to engage in combat. Progenitor ships seem to have highly efficient heat diffusion systems, allowing for powerful weaponry to be installed such as those found on the Progenitor Dreadnaught and Keeper.

The Progenitors also developed extremely powerful hyperdrives capable of making galactic jumps in less than a second and transporting whole fleets within the galaxy and beyond. This hyperdrive technology led to the Eye of Aarran, a vast network of self-supported hyperspace gates stretching throughout the galaxy. The Progenitors left their three Hyperspace cores hidden in different places throughout the Galaxy. It was only when the three Cores were united within Sajuuk that the Eye of Aarran could be accessed.

There are also theories about the Progenitors developing technology capable of creating intelligent life forms, allowing the Progenitors to 'seed' the galaxy with different variants of intelligent life. Such technology would be, however, extremely advanced even for the likes of the Progenitors.


It is unknown what caused the Progenitors to leave the known galaxy. There are several theories about their final fate, including viral extinction, internal conflict, or simply choosing to leave on their own volition. However, given the rarity of derelicts and wreckage left over by the Progenitors, it is considered unlikely that they fought and lost a war against a rival race.



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