Progenitor Mothership
Progenitor mothership
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15,000 metres

The Progenitor Mothership is an amazingly large ship; at least ten kilometers long and two point five wide, although it is not very high. It is the largest actual spaceship seen canonically in the Homeworld universe.

Overview Edit

Ten thousand years before Hiigarans found its debris, it broke up for some unknown reason and the wreckage has been drifting apart ever since, becoming the Karos Graveyard. Within lies the mostly intact rear section of the ship, the Dreadnaught Berth, a massive dock for a large warship, guarded by an AI-controlled warship called the Keeper.

Layout Edit

This vessel's wreckage consists of four major components, from the Lighthouse to the Foundry:

  • First section: Lighthouse - This section of the Mothership was speculated to be the bridge and command centre for the vessel. Even though the wreckage was over 10,000 years old, the Lighthouse still has power, as indicated by internal lights. It has been speculated as to how this section of the ship drew its power, but the most logical assumption was that once the Oracle was integrated with the Hyperspace Core, backup systems came online, allowing the Oracle and the Lighthouse to communicate, and eventually, lead the Hiigarans to the Progenitor Dreadnaught located in the Foundry.
  • Second section: Galley - Despite its name, this section of the ship would have been where its crew's quarters were located, and most crucial roles of the vessel were carried out. This section is the single largest section of the vessel and has split into hundreds of small wrecks littered throughout the Karos Graveyard. It was in the Galley section that the Hiigarans fought a battle with an elite Vaygr fleet after being pulled out of Hyperspace by radiation.
  • Third section: Foundry - The Foundry is where the Three Hyperspace Cores were constructed. This section consists of three massive pits where each individual core was forged.
  • Fourth section: Berth - This is the final section of the Progenitor Mothership. This section is split down the middle, and this gap would most likely have been where ships such as the Dreadnought were constructed, and indeed it is where the Dreadnaught was docked. Along the top of this section, astronomical markings are inscribed; it is not known as the whether they served any purpose or were simply meant as decoration. In the game, this section of the ship contains the Dreadnaught and was guarded by a Keeper, as well as several Drones.



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