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Ship Information
Resource Drop-Off
Ship Type
Resource Controller
Technical Information
4 Mass Drivers
4 Energy Cannons (upgrade)
4 Repair Beams

The Processor was the Kiith Somtaaw Resource Controller during the Beast War. It was armed with 4 medium strength guns (1 each on top, bottom, and sides) and with the proper upgrade, automatic repair beams (two on each side).

Background Edit

It serves as a vital resource dropoff point for Workers for mining operations further away from the main fleet as it can move almost as fast as a Worker, and it is able to unload resources from up to four Workers simultaneously. It also has one Crystal Processing Beam in the front. Its four smaller weapons won't do much, but they can still help against enemy strike craft.

Its four repair beams are its real strength. These can be critical for supporting the rest of the fleet in heavy combat.

The Beast stole and adopted the design for this ship from Kiith Somtaaw for its own forces. The Beast variant appears to be a pound-for-pound match to the Somtaaw one.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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