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Planet Killer
Planet killer
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Planet Killer
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The Planet Killer is a large, starfish designed ship that appears in the final mission during the siege of Hiigara.

Background Edit

The ship possesses no weapons that can allow it to defend itself from attack. However, it does have very high armor, able to defend itself from even the strongest of vessels: only the Phased Cannon Array mounted to Sajuuk is strong enough to penetrate the armor and destroy them.

The power of the Planet Killer is that it can launch special missiles which are fired at a nearby planet. These missiles are ignited in the atmosphere, causing massive destruction on the planet's surface: in the case where a planet might have defences nearby, many are launched to ensure that one will land a hit. However, the missiles are very fragile and can be easily destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • There is no known record that states who created the Planet Killer. It is also unknown where the Vaygr obtained these ships from. However, Fleet Intelligence hints that the hull shows traces of being created by the Bentusi.
  • Although the Planet Killer platforms themselves were not involved in the burning of Kharak, it is possible that the missiles they launched were based on the same weapon that the Taiidan Empire used at that time, the Low Orbit Atmosphere Deprivation Weapon.
  • The Planet Killer is visually very similar to concept art of the cut T-MAT race.
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