Megalith stations

Stations in the Outer Rim Trade Routes

The Outer Rim Trade Routes (also known as the Outer Limb Trade Routes) were trade lanes created by Bentusi before 4000 BHL.

"The Outer Limb Trade Routes were established in the First Time by our ancestors" — Bentusi

The Bentusi created the Outer Rim Trade Routes, widespread across hundreds of worlds, brought Bentusi technology to many racesSSource: History of Hiigara: Prelude to the End Times
page 4
. Civilizations in the routes bought Bentusi short jump technology and maps of Trade Routes, forming the beginning of the galactic community. Using these trade routes and their technological superiority, the Bentusi benevolently ruled over every race in the galaxy, though many races, including the Hiigarans and Taiidani did not agree with being mere protectorates. In circa 6010 GSY, nearly 500 years after the date when the routes were created, an uprising occured across the Galactic Core and the Outer Rim Trade Routes as each nation rebelled against Bentusi rule or attacked one another. Because of the sudden outbreak and the massive front in which these wars and rebellions occured, the Bentusi were unable to quell them all with the use of their Far-Jumper and powerful technology. Eventually, when these wars come to an end, many new empires were created, and many old ones had been destroyed. These new empires proved to the Bentusi that the Trade Routes could be disrupted and demanded the Bentusi to allow them self-government. After age of anarchy a Galactic Council was found, with the Hiigarans and the Taiidani being prominent, leading members.

The next great conflict in the Outer Rim Trade Routes was called Riesstiu's Revenge. It was when Riesstiu, the last surviving Taiidan Admiral, launched a massive attack on the Hiigaran Empire following the loss of their entire navy in the battle with the Bentusi. Using Low Orbit Atmosphere Deprivation Weapons, Riesstiu decimated the defenseless Hiigaran worlds, slaughtering billions in revenge for the bombing of the Taiidan Imperial Palace and the death of the royal family and every other ranking military and political officer. During this massacre, more lives were lost than in any previous war in galactic history, and ended with the Exile of the Hiigarans to Kharak.SSource: History of Hiigara: Prelude to the End Times
page 19

The last known conflict in the Outer Rim Trade Routes was the Homeworld War, sparked by the Burning of Kharak after the Kushan descendants of the Hiigaran exiles violated the long forgotten treaty that barred them from developing hyperspace technology. This conflict also sparked the Taiidan Rebellion, and ended with the death of Riesstiu IV the Second and the return of the Kushan to Hiigara.

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  • Homeworld 2 locates two giant space station in Outer Rim Trade Routes, from concept arts we know that it was named Megalith Station, however name of station itself is conjectural.

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