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This is the article on the frigate used by Kiith Somtaaw. If you are looking for the article on the similarily named frigate used by the Kadeshi, see Multi-Beam Frigate.

Multi-Beam Frigate
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
700 RUs
Technical Information
10,200 tons
100 m/s2
370 m/s
5 Small Ion Cannons

The Multi-Beam Frigate is the mainstay anti-Strike Craft frigate of Kiith Somtaaw.


It was developed through the joint efforts of the Somtaaw and the Kiith Paktu. The original Ion Cannon Frigate was a capital ship's worst nightmare. Unfortunately, the nature of the vessel's design gives it little defensive coverage on the battlefield, especially due to the lack of defensive turrets.

Through the efforts of the Kiith Paktu, the project saw the creation of the helix bundle. This design allows the ion beams to accelerate in a tightly-curved configuration. The frigate is built on an accelerator helix, with a multi-beam splitter that allows any or all of the five ion beams to fire at any given time. The frigate utilizes the cold temperatures of the voids of outer space in order to supercool its systems, allowing for a high rate of fire. These frigates are ideal for dealing with enemy fighters and corvettes, due to the ion beams' tracking abilities. For a frigate it is also quite fast and maneuverable, which is fitting given its primary intended targets.

Among the Dervish's main weaknesses are a lack of punching power against single targets, making it vulnerable to other enemy frigates. Not only are its beams notably weaker than the standard anti-capital ship ones found on the original Ion Cannon Frigate, the Destroyer and Dreadnought, their spread-out layout over the hull results in at most 3 being able to fire on one target at once. They also manage to break formation at the worst possible times. However, unlike most capital ships fighting other capital ships, Dervishes never stay still. They constantly orbit around the target, so against infected Ion Array Frigates in particular they could usually stay out of their firing arc for extended periods while constantly shooting back, allowing them to slowly but surely win many engagements.

The Dervishes saw extensive action against the Beast and the Taiidan Imperialist Faction during the Beast War in 15 AHL.




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