This is the article on the basic stealth ship. If you are looking for the article on the upgraded corvette, see Mimic Composite Vehicle.

Mimic fighter
Ship Information
Infiltrate enemy defences
Ship Type
RU Cost
70 RUs
Technical Information
55 tons
1000 m/s2
750 m/s
1 Quantum Explosive Charge

The Mimic is a Strike Craft unique to Kiith Somtaaw, equipped with a holographic projection system that allowed it to assume the guise of an enemy spacecraft or a small asteroid.

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Mimic-class units were manned by Sleepers, survivors of the Taiidan attack on Kharak who often had no living relatives and were fanatically dedicated towards Hiigaran military service. These fanatics often saw their service as a desperate last blow against Taiidan Imperialist enemies. The Mimic pilot steers their vessel into his or her target and then detonates the entire vessel. The Mimic-class Infiltration Craft was created after the lesson learned from the pirate attempting to infiltrate the Kuun-Lan by mimicing their ship into a friendly vessel.

Kiith Somtaaw was authorized to gain ship combination technology, allowing two similar (mostly small sized) ship to join and form the larger more powerful version with tradeoff. In this case, the Mimic-class Infiltration Craft can join up with another Mimic to form a Mimic Composite Vehicle, forming larger vessel with tradeoff of speed. Their true value comes with their ability to mimic the enemy. This make a great choice to scout, infiltrate, and to become the outermost sentinel in defensive situation as they can "see" the enemy while their enemy will see, but not suspect them until too late.

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