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Marine Frigate
Marine frigate
Ship Information
Ship Capture
Ship Type
RU Cost
700 RUs
Technical Information
230 m/s
1 Double Vulcan Kinetic Autogun

The Marine Frigate was originally a modified cargo transport, but has since evolved into a fast, armored delivery ship used to insert Hiigaran Marines into hostile ships.

Background Edit

The Marines are highly trained in raiding, disabling, and gaining control of enemy vessels, and are delivered by means of multiple small boarding pod launched from the launch bay on the underside of the vessel, transporting the marines to board the ship, pacify resistance and take over ship functionality.

The marines have been known to capture Capital Ship vessels if given enough time, although if the fleet could not support the ship the marines would instead cripple it with explosive charges, completely disabling the ship for several minutes. The old way of inserting by direct docking is no longer feasible by lesson learned during catalysm conflict. Snatching these ship is possible, but by tactical mean not feasible as one can instead build their own than capturing other. The ship is also a very specialized and have little use outside its function parameter, giving less value when capture.

Multiple Marine Frigates can effectively capture enemy capital ships quickly when guarded by strike craft, and are very useful for capturing enemy frigates. Vagyr Infltration frigates are slightly better at capturing capital ships, because of their use of small infiltrating ships that carry Vagyr Marines, enabling them to be farther from their capture target, out of its firing range.

In the defense of Sarum and the Shipyard Nabaal, using Marine Frigates to capture the enemy missile frigates can be very beneficial to the fleet, and will help in the missions to come.

Appearances Edit

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