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Kharak system

The Kharak System

"The ship has spent the past 10 years traveling on conventional drives to reach the edge of the Kharak system" — Fleet Command

The Kharak System was found by the Hiigarans and acted as their home during the Exile. Transport ships carrying the exiled Hiigaran people created colonies on the harsh desert climates of Kharak, the only hospitable planet in the system. There on Kharak, Hiigarans created a new civilization and renamed themselves to Kushan.

On Kharak, the Kushans found the wreckage of an ancient starship that in fact brought the Kushan people to Kharak. It was named Khar-Toba, an ancient city. 100 years later, the Kushans completed the construction of the Kushan Mothership, which took 60 years to complete in the Scaffold, becoming the first and only moon of Kharak. Other known objects in the Kharak system are the Gas Giant Haarsuk, on whose moons Kiith Naabal planned to build research facilities, and two asteroid belts.

In 9510 GSY as a result of the Kharakian Genocide, the Kharakian atmosphere was burned and the planet became inhospitable. When the Mothership left Kharak, the system whas lost in the past and never to be seen again. Now the Kushan people are in search of their true Homeworld...Hiigara.


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