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Ion Cannon Frigate
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
650 RUs
Technical Information
13,000 tons
120.1 metres
75 m/s2
300 m/s
1 Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon Frigate was an anti-Capital Ship vessel designed by the Taiidan Empire.

Background Edit

The Sajuuk Cor was realized thanks to the Taiidani scientists who managed to configure the Ion Cannon to fit into a frigate hull. The Cannon itself was so large that it barely fit into the frigate-sized hull, yet it was the one true threat to vessels such as enemy cruisers. The project to develop this frigate was marked as Weapon X, and during combat trials the frigate received the name Sajuuk Cor, which can be translated into "God's Wrath" or "Sajuuk's Wrath".

When the Sajuuk Cors entered normal service they were manned by combat veterans, and these crews became the most eager to serve their Empire in Taiidan Fleet. However, this eagerness caused many troubles for Taiidani admirals, as Sajuuk Cors tend to fly into the middle of the battle just to pin down the largest enemy ships. The frigate lacked anti-strike craft weaponry, so raids on these groups often led to severe losses amongst the frigates. Despite various attempts, no one could prevent such actions and eventually Ion Cannon Frigates were sent into battle only under heavy escort of Field Frigates and Multi-Gun Corvettes.[1]

These frigates also had a significant impact on military morale, therefore they were commonly used by the Taiidan Elite Guard, most notably to secure hyperspace inhibitors around Hiigara. The most vulnerable inhibitor station was secured by over 100 of these frigates.[2]

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