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Ion Cannon Frigate



Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
Classic: 650 RUs, Remastered: 900 RUs
Technical Information
13,000 tons
122.5 metres
75 m/s2
Classic: 300 m/s, Remastered: 165 m/s
1 Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon Frigate is an anti-Capital Ship frigate developed by the Kushan using technology purchased from the Bentusi.

Background Edit

The frigate is a simple design, basically the Assault Frigate with all the bulk around the central hull removed along with all the turrets. Instead, there is just the basic, thin frigate chassis with a long particle accelerator unit running down its centre spine, a fusion power plant, the engine, and crew space. The ship has no secondary weapon to speak of.

Even so, despite this simplistic design the Firelance is a force to be reckoned with and possesses immense firepower used to tear through a frigate or super capital ship hull when used in greater numbers; even a careless fighter pilot can be shot if it zooms past the barrel. Its main weakness comes from its lack on maneuverability and speed and the fact that its single Ion Cannon has a slow fire rate and can only fire in one direction, with 1% frontal coverage. This leaves it very vulnerable to strike craft and should never be deployed without an escort. Traditionally, the first sign that a battle is lost is when the Firelances, under heavy fire, begin to pull back and retreat.

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