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Ion Cannon Frigate
Hiigaran ICF
Ship Information
Anti-Capital Ship
Ship Type
RU Cost
700 RUs
Technical Information
150 m/s
1 Ion Cannon

The Ion Cannon Frigate is an anti-Capital Ship frigate, built around a massive Ion Cannon, created by the Hiigarans. The ion cannon itself fires a single blue ion beam which can destroy capital ships in very few shots, and obliterate small strike craft in less than one shot if the target is still for enough time. The Ion Cannon Frigate was very similar to the older Ion Cannon Frigate used by the Kushan and was both cheap and powerful. Ion Cannon Frigates are designed to work under cover of Flak Frigates or Torpedo Frigates which gave anti-strike craft support, while the Ion Cannon Frigates were used to destroy Capital Ships and Frigates. Such groups were mobile and able to handle most tasks.


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