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Interceptor HW2

Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
500 RUs
Technical Information
325 m/s
1 Kinetic Gun

The Interceptor is a fast, maneuverable and versatile craft designed for patrol, escort, and Capital Ship defense. The interceptor is the second smallest hull type that features offensive strike capabilities. Speed and maneuverability are maximized; thin armor plating covers only critical systems. The interceptor is especially feared by non-combat vessels, other strike craft, and resource operations. These fighters are winged, twin-engined, and appear to have a centerline weapon mount poking out the middle of a twin-pronged nose. They can be easily classified as Hiigaran by their gray-white-orange colouration. It has a rotary cannon very similar to those on the original Kushan Interceptor.

The Hiigaran Interceptor squadron contains five ships. Use the interceptors to attack any groups of fighters or lone scouts in your area. This will stop the enemy from using radar to plan an attack or ambush on your current position, and they will need to try multiple tactics including hyperspacing to a random location if they wish to find you. The interceptors and Bombers of the enemy are the opponent's main cover for frigate assaults, and will make it harder for any corvettes or frigates of your own to attack them, so send a few interceptor squadrons to dispatch of the enemy.

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