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The Homeworld Soundtrack, composed by Paul Ruskay, was released with the Game Of The Year Edition of Homeworld in 2000. It was the only soundtrack to be released on a separate CD in the Homeworld series of games. In 1999, the game's soundtrack had been awarded the title of that year's Best Soundtrack by PCGamer and Eurogamer.

The soundtrack on the Game of the Year Edition, 44.14 minutes in length, does not contain all the background audio used in the game, omitting the audio used in animatics and non-interactive sequences. The whole collection can be extracted from the game files themselves, then converted for easier playback.


  1. No music (Data - Homeworld patch 1.05 & preview of music for Homeworld Cataclysm)
  2. Adagio for Strings
  3. Mission 1 (Kharak System)
  4. Mission 2 (Great Wastelands)
  5. Turanic Raiders Battle Music
  6. Mission 5 (Garden View)
  7. Imperial Battle Music
  8. Mission 6 (Diamond Shoals & Galactic Core)
  9. Mission 7 (Garden of Kadesh)
  10. Swarmer Battle Music
  11. Mission 9 (Whispering Ocean)
  12. Mission 10 (Super Nova Station)
  13. Mission 13 (Ship Graveyard)
  14. Mission 14 (Bridge of Sighs)


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