Historical Brief

Historical and Technical Briefing

The Homeworld Historical and Technical Briefing was an eighteen page section of the Homeworld Manual. It outlined the history of the Kushan on Kharak during the Exile. It provided detailed descriptions of the events taking place after the discovery of the Khar-Toba all the way up to the final briefing before the Kushan Mothership launch as well design details of the Mothership itself.


  1. A Question of origins
  2. The xenogenesis question and early spaceflight missions
  3. The discovery of the Khar-Toba
  4. The Guidestone
  5. The Mothership
  6. Construction challenges
  7. Mothership sections and systems
    • Fleet Foundry
    • Fleet Command
    • Fleet Intelligence
    • Cryogenics
  8. Auxiliary vessel technologies
    • Maneuvering
    • Weaponry
    • Armor and Defensive systems
  9. Mission priorities
  10. The Guidestone in relation to galactic structures
    • Galactic Co-ordinates
    • Guidestone Origins
  11. Command priorities
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