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Homeworld 3
Homeworld 3 logo.png
Technical Information
Release Date
Q4 2022
Game Information
After 9625 GSY

Homeworld 3 is an upcoming video game in the Homeworld series. Set after an unknown time period following the events of Homeworld 2, it will be the fifth game in the series and has an estimated release date of Q4 2022.

After a long period of uncertainty and speculation, due to various acquisitions and statements by different IP owners since 2008, the game was formally announced by Gearbox Software at the PAX East convention on 30th August 2019. It will be developed by Blackbird Interactive, which consists of numerous former employees of Relic Entertainment, the original studio who produced Homeworld and Homeworld 2.

The game has been fully funded by Gearbox Software, who are the current owners of the IP for the series, but the community were invited to back the game via crowdfunding using the Fig platform, in order to be involved in the process behind the development of the game from start to finish.


The Homeworld IP was originally owned by Sierra Entertainment, a subsidiary of Vivendi Games, who published Homeworld, Homeworld: Cataclysm and Homeworld 2. Relic Entertainment, who created the franchise, were acquired by THQ in 2004, making further Homeworld games unlikely. In a surprise move, THQ purchased the Homeworld IP rights from Sierra in 2007, but did not develop a new game. In 2013 THQ collapsed and the Homeworld IP was purchased by Gearbox.

In the meantime, many of the key personnel involved in making the original games had left Relic and set up Blackbird Interactive. In 2010 they began work on Hardware: Shipbreakers, a brand new strategy game set in a new universe. After Gearbox acquired the IP, they contacted Blackbird to assist in the making of Homeworld Remastered. They then worked out a publication deal with Blackbird for Shipbreakers, recasting it as a Homeworld prequel game set on Kharak before the events of the original title.

However, scope remained for a new Homeworld title set in space after the events of Homeworld 2. Gearbox confirmed they would explore this possibility based on the success of the new games. They also indicated that they approached the updates to the Homeworld 2 engine so they could use it to make new games as well.

"According to Martel, despite its age, the HW2 engine is "so strong and capable," thanks, in part, to the efforts Gearbox has made to upgrade the platform, that it could handle any theoretical sequel. Of course, Martel was quick to add that a Homeworld sequel may not take the same form as the first two, and the team would have to sit down with the game's original creators to "look at what the next game would be."" — Brian Martel, Gearbox Software
"Like any good Homeworld obsessive, I asked what sort of conditions would need to be met before any discussions were had around Homeworld 3. Naturally, sales of the remastered collection will be a big part of it, and a discussion will have to be had with the game's original creative team, currently working on prequel game (Homeworld: Shipbreakers). From their voices, however, it's clear that Martel and Faylor are smitten with the series, describing the remastering project as a "labor of love." And while they're currently in a "wait-and-see holding pattern," if the demand proves strong enough, then the pair would "love to make Homeworld 3."" — Brian Martel

In March 2019 during PAX East, Gearbox Publishing teased that they are preparing a future for the Homeworld Franchise.[1]

Then at PAX East BBI and Gearbox announced Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Mobile alongside a Fig Campaign. As a result of launching the Fig campaign at the event, it managed within 10 days of beating its target which was simply $1 at $1,505,840 and post campaign worth of $1,593,645. Because of that BBI and Gearbox Publishing launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in late 2019, which went on to generate the highest donation average in the platform's history. Along with this campaign the team allows contributors to take part in exclusive surveys, in order to determine which elements of the original trilogy were most appreciated and hence guide future development.


As yet, the story of Homeworld 3 remains unknown, although it will take place after Homeworld 2. The initial teaser trailer features several small ships making a jump through the Eye of Aarran, introduced in the closing cinematic of Homeworld 2. Concept art shows a Mothership-class vessel similar in design to the Pride of Hiigara (if not the Pride itself) commanding a fleet of smaller ships in battle, similarly to previous games in the series.

Several shots of concept art show fleets opposing the Hiigarans colored the same bright red as ships from early concept art of the Vaygr with a small number bearing strikingly similar designs and checkered color patterns. Other concept art shows ships designed similarly to the Taiidan Carrier and Ion Cannon Frigate with noticeable Taiidan design characteristics with one image having the carriers colored yellow and a distinct front hangar bay and another with the ion cannon frigates which have the most prevalent Taiidan design characteristics and colored white with a very faint green or grey secondary color on the accompanying vessels.

Another particular image shows Hiigaran fighter craft scaling a large ship with the distinct Taiidan Imperial color scheme. Potentially hinting at the return of the Taiidan Republic and Taiidan Imperialists who now fight for what remains of Makaan's fallen Vaygr Empire among the already leaderless Vaygr and empowered Hiigarans.

Some of the concept art shows extremely large spacecraft in the background of shots; it is unclear if these are background images or active participants in combat.[2]

It will also feature Megaliths like in Homeworld 2 with a bigger role in the story, but at the moment what specifics are currently unknown.


While it is unknown what ships will be featured in the game, the campaign updates posted by the publishers of the series have revealed that two new ships will be included. These new ships include the Pirate Raider Fighter and the Railgun Frigate, but their final design and their intended purpose are under development.


Paul Ruskay has been teaming with phenomenal musicians from around the world including Ffion Elisa, Onur Seçki , Sean Pádraig, Andrea Piccioni, Hesham Hamra and Konstantinos Kalatzis. [3] All of them are producing the Homeworld 3 soundtrack. 2 of which are available to listen on Gearbox Software YouTube channel. [4] [5]

Fig Campaign Rewards[]

On the start of Fig Campaign on August 2019, there were 7 rewards. (The awards costed at $50, $60, $100, $150, $160, $300 and $1000)[6] The rewards included:

  • one game ($50 reward)
  • two Homeworld Games ($100 reward)
  • the exclusive Fig backer survey (Fig survey is now closed)
  • Early Access to Homeworld Mobile
  • Keys to Homeworld Remastered and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (The keys were issued to the campaign backers after the initial campaign closed)
  • Fig digital collector's edition items (Fig-exclusive digital content like multiplayer name colors, backer ship decals, icons, and banners. Enter a name in the randomized pool of pilot names for Homeworld 3!)
  • Homeworld 3 collector's edition which YOU get to influence.
  • The Art of Homeworld (Second Edition) with 5x7 prints included.
  • Homeworld 3 signed concept art print (singed by Rob Cunningham)
  • Supporter-only Discord access

After the initial campaign finished, a few changes were made on the tiers.

  • The $50, $160 and $1000 option is not available any more.
  • Homeworld 3 signed concept Art print is no longer available
  • The Homeworld Remastered and Deserts of Kharak bundle is no longer available.
  • Art of Homeworld 2nd Edition book is no longer available.


  • CEO: Rob Cunningham
  • CCO and Creative Director: Rory Mcguire
  • Studio Concept Director: Aaron Kambeitz
  • Senior Producer: Matt Kernachan
  • Art Director: Karl Gryc
  • Design Lead: Lance Mueller
  • Technical Director: Andrew Richie
  • Core Gameplay Designer: Kat Neale
  • Concept Artist: David T. Cheong
  • Art lead: Stephen Mokrytzki
  • FX artist: Tim O’Connell

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