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Homeworld 3 is a potential (and as-yet unconfirmed) sequel to Homeworld 2. It is distinct from Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, the ground-based prequel strategy game released in 2016 by Blackbird Interactive. Gearbox Software, who currently own the Homeworld intellectual property, have indicated they would like to make a new game based on the performance of Homeworld Remastered and Deserts of Kharak.[1]

Ownership of the Homeworld IP and copyrightsEdit

The Homeworld IP was originally owned by Sierra Entertainment, a subsidiary of Vivendi Games, who published Homeworld, Homeworld: Cataclysm and Homeworld 2. Relic Entertainment, who created the franchise, were acquired by THQ in 2004, making further Homeworld games unlikely. In a surprise move, THQ purchased the Homeworld IP rights from Sierra in 2007, but did not develop a new game. In 2013 THQ collapsed and the Homeworld IP was purchased by Gearbox.

In the meantime, many of the key personnel involved in making the original games had left Relic and set up Blackbird Interactive. In 2010 they began work on Hardware: Shipbreakers, a brand new strategy game set in a new universe. After Gearbox acquired the IP, they contacted Blackbird to assist in the making of Homeworld Remastered. They then worked out a publication deal with Blackbird for Shipbreakers, recasting it as a Homeworld prequel game set on Kharak before the events of the original title.

However, scope remains for a new Homeworld title set in space after the events of Homeworld 2. Gearbox have confirmed they will explore this possibility based on the success of the new games. They also indicated that they approached the updates to the Homeworld 2 engine so they could use it to make new games as well.

"According to Martel, despite its age, the HW2 engine is "so strong and capable," thanks, in part, to the efforts Gearbox has made to upgrade the platform, that it could handle any theoretical sequel. Of course, Martel was quick to add that a Homeworld sequel may not take the same form as the first two, and the team would have to sit down with the game's original creators to "look at what the next game would be."" — Brian Martel, Gearbox Software
" Like any good Homeworld obsessive, I asked what sort of conditions would need to be met before any discussions were had around Homeworld 3. Naturally, sales of the remastered collection will be a big part of it, and a discussion will have to be had with the game's original creative team, currently working on prequel game (Homeworld: Shipbreakers). From their voices, however, it's clear that Martel and Faylor are smitten with the series, describing the remastering project as a "labor of love." And while they're currently in a "wait-and-see holding pattern," if the demand proves strong enough, then the pair would "love to make Homeworld 3."" — Brian Martel

In March 2019 during Pax East, Gearbox Publishing teased that they are preparing a future for the Homeworld Franchise.[2]

Hints of possible development Edit

August 2008 brought few interesting words from Jonathan Dowdeswell [3] if continuation of Homeworld series will appear:

"You can not believe how often I hear this question, in any case we would love to develop Homeworld 3!" — Jonathan Dowdeswell, Relic Executive Producer

In November of that same year there was more news: Joystiq asked Jonny Ebbert, lead designer of Dawn of War II, about Homeworld 3.

"We're really happy the IP has made its way home, and yeah, we're definitely looking at it." — Jonny Ebbert

Former Homeworld DevelopersEdit

Several of the original developers who contributed significantly to the Homeworld project have collaborated together under a new startup company named Blackbird Interactive. Blackbird Interactive started development on a new IP initially known as Hardware: Shipbreakers, which bore a striking resemblance to Homeworld 1 & 2 in its presentation. According to a 2015 recorded session with Blackbird Interactive founders — mostly concerning Homeworld Remastered[4] — the hope had always been for Hardware: Shipbreakers to be part of the Homeworld canon. The title screen for Hardware: Shipbreakers even used the same font as the Homeworld titles, and the lore of the universe was intentionally kept compatible with Homeworld canon as development progressed[4]. After the acquisition of the Homeworld IP by Gearbox Software in April 2013[5], Blackbird Interactive was eventually approached by Gearbox Software and invited to make their game part of the official Homeworld canon. This officially happened in September 2013[6]. The game was known as Homeworld: Shipbreakers [7] for a time. Later the official title of the new IP became Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

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