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Homeworld: Raider Retreat
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Technical Information
Release Date
Classic:  9th January 2000
Remastered:  9th June 2015
Game Information
9510 GSY

Homeworld: Raider Retreat, also referred to as Homeworld OEM, is a promotional version of Homeworld that was made available through the pre-order version of Homeworld: Cataclysm. The game added an additional mission, along with the first four missions, focusing primarily on the Turanic Raiders, which was cut from the original game for unknown reasons.

The game has since been lost for a long time, only available through a download on the internet. However, it was confirmed on 4th June 2015 that the additional mission will be made available through Steam for Homeworld Remastered[1]. On 9th June 2015, it was confirmed that the mission will be available for free through an "Extra Missions" window that plays independently of the main campaign. However, it requires that the player has completed Mission 04[2].


The game plays the same four missions as seen in the full release of Homeworld: however, the content is slightly changed in Mission 04 to accommodate the additional mission that replaces Mission 05.

Instead of Fleet Intelligence confirming the location of the fleet that destroyed Kharak, he confirms that communication signals have discovered the location of the Turanic Raider Planetoid somewhere within the Wastelands. The fleet will hyperspace in the path of the retreating Attack Carriers and must destroy them to prevent them reaching the defences of the planetoid, which cannot be defeated.

Once the enemy fleet is prevented from reaching the planetoid, Fleet Intelligence announces a return to the original objective of finding the Taiidan Empire fleet that destroyed Kharak.


  1. Kharak System
  2. Outskirts of Kharak System
  3. Return to Kharak
  4. Great Wastelands
  5. Deep Space - Turanic Raider Planetoid

Reasons for Removal[]

There are several reasons for why the missions was probably removed:

  • The developers felt that 16 missions was adequate enough for the game.
  • The mission did not have anything to do with the story, as the Kushan are trying to find Hiigara and not dealing with pirates.
  • Beta testers complained that the mission was too hard and many would likely fail from a lack of preparation for such a battle.


The mission is available in Homeworld Remastered. However, for those who wish to play the mission in Homeworld Classic, it can be downloaded from Mod DB.