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Encyclopedia Hiigara

History of Hiigara: Prelude to the End Times

History of Hiigara: Prelude to the End Times was a 31 page pdf book added on CD of Homeworld 2. It described history of Hiigarans and the Galaxy since the Bentusi spreading the Hyperspace across the Outer Rim Trade Routes, till final moments of Pride of Hiigara construction at Tanis.


  1. Rebuilding
  2. The gift of Hyperspace
  3. Short and Far Jumps
  4. Conflict again besets the galaxy
  5. An uprising
  6. The rise of the Galactic Council
  7. The Second Core is found
  8. Power unleashed
  9. Impossible decisions
  10. Honor over all
  11. Bentusi counterattack
  12. A desperate escape
  13. Consequences
  14. No lasting peace
  15. A terrible revenge
  16. Taiidan demands
  17. Exile
  18. Life on Kharak
  19. Blessing or curse
  20. Mother of the new Hiigaran age
  21. The Core at rest
  22. Enemies old and new
  23. Makaan and the Sajuuk-Khar

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