"Hold your positions!" — Hiigaran Defence Fleet Command Carrier

Strike Group of Hiigaran Defence Fleet striking core of Vaygr forces during the Siege

The Hiigaran Defence Fleet was a Hiigaran Navy formation designated to defend Hiigara and likely other worlds in Hiigaran territory.

Karan S'jet met them during the final stage of the Siege of Hiigara. The fleet was composed of three Battlecruisers, four Destroyers, five Ion Cannon Frigates, four Flak Frigates, one Torpedo Frigate and several squads of Interceptors. Although greatly outnumbered, they stood their ground against the assaulting Vaygr forces. With the arrival of Sajuuk and the rest of the fleet, the tide turned and the Hiigarans finally claimed victory. Those Vaygr ships that weren't destroyed flew into hyperspace.

Hiigaran Defence Fleet uses standard markings and colours to Navy ships.


  • Despite the fact of a command carrier giving orders to the fleet, it is not present on the battlefield.


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