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Heidi Ernest

Heidi Ernest is a Canadian singer in the folk-inspired band The Western Investor who voiced Karan S'jet in Homeworld and Fleet Intelligence in Homeworld: Cataclysm.

For Homeworld 2, Fleet Command was voiced by Jennifer Graveness, causing fans to protest who wanted the original voice of Karan Sjet in the second game as well. The change sparked long-running speculation during the ensuing years, without any clear answer. During presentations of the Remastered game editions at PAX South, it was stated that at the time voice acting sessions were being conducted for the second Homeworld game, Heidi was nine months pregnant and as a result her voice had changed, preventing her from being able to perform the role at that time (this is not unheard of, as the same issue arose for Kristen Bell who was similarly pregnant during recording of dialogue for the animated film Frozen).

It is also known that Heidi Ernest lent her voice for several other computer games, her first role being in the Independence Day video game (1997), other notable productions being NHL 2001 (2000), SSX 3 (2003) and FIFA Street (2005).

Homeworld Remastered Edit

It was confirmed that Heidi Ernest was approached by Gearbox Software to redo Homeworld 2 dialogue for the Remastered version. This means that the Remastered version of Homeworld 2 will not have Graveness's voice for the Mothership.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • In Homeworld 2, when the player creates a profile called Arioch, there is an easter egg involving the changed voices.

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