This is the article on the corvette designed by the Taiidan. If you are looking for the article on the similar vessel used by the Kushan, see Heavy Corvette.
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Heavy Corvette
Taiidan heavy corvette
Ship Information
Anti-Strike Craft
Ship Type
RU Cost
240 RUs
Technical Information
750 tons
30.1 metres
160 m/s2
52 m/s
4 Medium Mass Drivers

The Heavy Corvette is a corvette-class vessel developed by the Taiidan Empire.

Background Edit

Designed to be the ultimate strike craft killer, possess four medium-sized mass drivers with which they can attack enemy strike craft with ease. The corvette, while too slow to take on Assault Frigates on their own, often can take down other frigates and also possesses a "burst mode" that allows it to fire exploding shells onto incoming strike craft or slow Capital Ships.

After the Homeworld War, most of the outdated heavy corvettes were replaced by the more versatile Multi-Gun Corvette.

Trivia Edit

  • An unarmed, ambassadorial version of this corvette exists if the game is played as the Taiidan.
  • This is one of the few ships in Homeworld which does not have a known class name.

Appearances Edit

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