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Tenhauser Gate
M11 Tenhauser Gate
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Destroy attacking Taiidan fleet
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In Mission 11, the Mothership Fleet arrives at Tenhauser Gate to find a Bentusi Exchange under attack from a Taiidan fleet.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

  • Destroy the Taiidan fleet


Are you looking for a quick and easy mission? Good, cause you found one. Your fleet hyperspaces in directly in front of a small Taiidan force that's busy attacking a Bentusi trade ship. All you have to do, quite literally, is throw everything you have at the Taiidan. There's no way they can stand up to an attack force as large as yours is (or, should be.) If you want, you can try to capture the Heavy Cruiser, but it isn't as easy as you might hope. Even with strike craft serving as decoys, the heavy cruiser targets your salvage corvettes with it's big guns.

Once you save the Bentusi, you get a nice little cut-scene explaining the history of the Kushan. Nice, how about sharing some technology too? No? Oh well.

There's no resources to harvest, so jump when ready. But before you do, be sure and check "remain docked"! Guess what, you'll be jumping into another trap.


  • If your fleet is extremely weak (aka tiny), there will be two pockets of dust clouds here, but most people should have a decent sized fleet to not trigger resources to appear here.
  • The mission title is a reference to the film Blade Runner. The film's major antagonist, Roy Batty, claims to have fought in a space battle near the 'Tannhäuser Gate'
  • If you are struggling to capture the Heavy Cruiser, one way to capture it with minimal losses is to make it chase your own battle group to one side of the map, then have your salvage corvettes approach from behind its engines. It's best to give the salvage order quite late because as soon as it's given, the enemy Cruiser will ignore everyone else just to focus on the corvettes, and in addition, it gives the enemy Cruiser almost no time to turn around and attack with its strong weaponry. You can also have some Support Frigates heal your battle group and your corvettes, to further reduce losses.
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