Outskirts of Kharak System
M02 Outskirts of Kharak System.jpg
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Send probe to the Khar-Selim
Protect Mothership
Salvage Khar-Selim
Defend Salvage Team
Destroy Attacking Force
Secondary Objectives
Investigate nearby power source
Mission Navigation

Outskirts of Kharak System is the second mission of the Homeworld campaign, and involves a rendezvous with the Khar-Selim after successfully testing the hyperdrive.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Karan S'jet monitors the hyperdrive, while Fleet Intelligence explains that if the targeting system works properly, they will appear next to the Khar-Selim, a support ship that has been spending time travelling to the outer Kharak System to prepare for the hyperspace jump.

Research[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This mission begins with a reconnaissance to find the support ship, for the dialogue shows that the Mothership has misjumped slightly and the Khar-Selim is nowhere to be found. Fleet Command hails the support ship and finds that the ship's emergency beacon has been activated.

Before sending any probes to the ping, build up the fleet. Harvest all of the resources nearby to the Kushan Mothership and begin researching Corvette Chassis and Heavy Corvette Upgrade. As soon as Heavy Corvettes are available, build about four of them. It may be a good idea to build a couple of Repair Corvettes to keep the fleet safe from any possible attacks.

When the fleet has been built and all nearby resources harvested, build a probe and send it to the ping. Alternatively, just leave the resourcer to continue harvesting and it will travel towards the ping anyway, starting a cutscene. The cutscene shows that the Khar-Selim has been destroyed and a new enemy appears and attacks the Kushan.

Use your fighters and corvettes to deal with the enemy. They use a few Interceptors, Standard Corvettes and a single Missile Corvette. They will focus attacks on your Research Ship, but they are very weak and will die quickly to your forces.

Once the enemy is defeated, regroup and repair your ships. When ready, send a Salvage Corvette to get the data recorder from the Khar-Selim. Make sure that all ships are set to guard it, because once 50% of the job is done, there will be another attack from the Raiders. Once the Salvager returns to base, a cutscene explains the demise of the Khar-Selim, before the Raiders launch an all-out assault. Do not attack the enemy carrier. It can destroy your attacking strikecrafts in seconds. Simply keep fighting back the attack forces until they leave.

Once they leave, harvest any remaining resources, rebuild your forces and build some extra Salvagers. You will need at least two for the next mission...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The carrier is actually a mothership. This is confirmed when you hover the cursor over the ship.
  • In Homeworld Remastered the first "wave" of enemies consists of 8 Fighters, 2 Standard Corvettes and 1 Missile Corvette. Afterwards, the enemy Carrier (cannot be captured) will periodically spawn 1-2 Fighters, 1 Standard Corvette and 1 Missile Corvette in approximately 2-4 more "waves". Remember, the more you capture the more likely the difficulty will spike for future missions (like the next one).
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