Kharak System
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Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Harvest Asteroids
Construct Research Ship
Destroy Target Drones using a formation
Destroy Target Drones using tactics
Capture Target Drone with Salvage Corvette
Secondary Objectives
Mission Navigation

Kharak System is the first mission in the Homeworld campaign. It is a simplistic tutorial mission in which the Kushan Mothership prepares to undertake a hyperspace jump to test the hyperdrive.

Overview[edit | edit source]

100 years earlier, a satellite detected an object in the Great Desert. The expedition that was sent recovered a Guidestone and the revelation that the Kushan are not native to Kharak. A large mothership is built and tests begin before the journey to find their Homeworld begins...

Research[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This is a tutorial mission. The Mothership will launch seven Scouts and a Resource Collector to conduct the basic trials.

Use the Resource Collector to harvest the meagre resources nearby, the remnants of the construction phase. The Scouts should be placed into any formation you wish and told to attack the Target Drones that will hyperspace in. After the first trial, set some tactics and destroy some additional drones that appear.

During all this, build a Research Ship. This is mandatory to build better ships, because you need more than just Scouts to protect the Mothership. As soon as it is built, research Fighter Chassis and then Corvette Drive. These will take some time to complete, so while these are occurring, retire your Scouts and build a Salvage Corvette to capture the final drone.

Once this drone is captured, you can leave. However, build some Interceptors first with the resources you have available. They will come in handy in the next mission...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The open-source release of the source code for the game shows that, at one point, if the player had researched Fighter Chassis and more than 55 RUs before completing the objective to salvage a Target Drone, an additional tutorial would have been played involving Advanced Drones in a mock combat exercise. However, the code involved in triggering this event to play was commented out and thus the objective does not trigger in game.
  • Only build the ships you are supposed to. Don't waste time trying to build a huge fleet, because it is impossible. In case you run out of resources, ships can be retired to obtain part of the construction cost. However, if you can't even keep at least 10 RU's before you've even completed the first mission, then you should start again.
  • In Homeworld Remastered, an extra Resource Collector is provided. This is intentional, due to a bug with the Remastered game engine which would cause a crash without it.
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