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Galactic Core
M12 Galactic Core.jpg
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Protect Fleet
Destroy Source of Gravity Field
Protect Defector
Mission Navigation

In Mission 12, the Mothership Fleet is pulled out of hyperspace by a Taiidan trap. They also learn of the Taiidan Rebel Fleet and save it's leader: Captain Elson.

Mission Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Protect the Fleet
  • Destroy the source of the gravity field
  • Protect the defector

Research[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to start this mission with at least 22 Salvage Corvettes (if possible), 10 Ion Frigates, 4 Destroyers, 3 Missile Destroyers and 15 Multi-Beam Frigates (if you captured any in Mission 8). It's also recommended to capture the Heavy Cruiser of the previous mission as it will help greatly with this mission.

First things first: you've been pulled out of hyperspace and the Gravity Wells are nearby. The Gravity Wells will disable your fighters and corvettes, so you'll have to depend on your frigates and capital ships. Use your Battle group to take out the Assault Frigates and Missile Destroyer that are coming from behind. After those have been taken out, launch your corvettes and salvage the 9 Support Frigates and 3 Gravwells. Take your battle group over to the dust cloud pocket and you'll come to the main fleet. There are 2 Carriers: one of them has a large number of ships, consisting of Fighters, Corvettes and Frigates. Take these ships out as soon as possible (be careful if they activate their Cloaking Fields: make sure you have two Proximity Sensors nearby to detect them). Once they've been destroyed, take out the other carrier, which is the enemy Resourcing Operation. Any remaining vessels of the previous carrier will move off to an enemy Cruiser that will go to your Mothership.

After it has been destroyed, Captain Elson will jump in, with some Imperial Frigates consisting of 2 Assault and Ion Frigates, a Support Frigate and about 6-8 Interceptors. If your Salvagers have finished capturing the other ships, tell them to capture these frigates. If you have some Heavy Corvettes, tell them to destroy the interceptors.

Once they have been captured or destroyed, the mission ends.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • Don't destroy the Gravity Generators! While it might seem like a good option, the Frigates assigned to it will go elsewhere.
  • Be careful! Some Salvage Corvettes may try to take control of your Heavy Cruiser if you aren't careful.
  • This level marks the first usage of Cloaking Fields. Make sure you have plenty of Proxy Sensors to detect them.
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