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Diamond Shoals
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Protect Mothership
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Diamond Shoals is the sixth mission in the Homeworld campaign, whereby the Mothership Fleet must protect itself from an asteroid field that it has failed to clear.


Fleet Intelligence confirms that decrypting of data of the captured Assault Frigate is completed, which has revealed the location of many enemy outposts that are warning others to watch out for the fleet. To avoid these outposts, a course has been plotted through an asteroid field and a thick nebula, but it doesn't go that easily...



This mission appears difficult, but actually it is very easy. When you emerge from hyperspace, you immediately find yourself in the thick of the asteroid field, which can do some significant damage to your fleet if you do not move your combat ships out of the way. Depending on tactics, this mission can be completed faster by using your wide array of capital ships, although strike craft can more easily manoeuver through the rocks. Support Frigates are best placed on orders to heal the Mothership.

Your goal is simply to protect the Mothership, and Fleet Intelligence makes it easier by pointing out the collision envelope to focus on for those rocks that are in the path of it. You can attack some other asteroids, but the map boundaries heavily restrict your ability to attack anything other than those asteroids on course to the Mothership. If you're having a hard time spotting the rocks that will hit your mothership, position the camera above and behind her. This view will make spotting those dangerous rocks easy but you're bound to take some hits. Quite early on in the mission, you'll be able to research Super Capital Ship Drive, allowing you to build Destroyers.

You are able to harvest resources in this mission, but the amount possible is only based on how many you can get from drifting chunks after shooting on the asteroids in the region, but you will need to keep issuing the harvest order every so often. Rinse and repeat until Fleet Intelligence confirms that you have cleared the field.

After this, the Bentusi arrive and sell you a specialised research: if you are playing as Kushan, it will be Drone Technology; otherwise its Defense Field for the Taiidan. Buy it if you have the RUs, although it is not required and will be made available for free later in the campaign. Once you're ready, hyperspace out after harvesting any remaining resources you can reach and have built up your fleet as needed.


  • Skipping the introductory cutscene will often lead to your fleet being spawned into the asteroid field in such a way that there are asteroids in the path of your own capital ships, leading to their destructions. For this reason, do not skip the introductory cutscene.