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Chapel Perilous
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Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Protect Mothership
Mission Navigation

In Mission 15, the Taiidan Empire make a last ditch attempt to stop the Kushan from reaching Hiigara.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Mothership is en route to Hiigara, but is pulled out of hyperspace again by the enemy. A large asteroid is on course with the Mothership with a massive capital ship escort fleet comprising several destroyers, many assault frigates and a huge number of strike craft. As the Mothership's drives aren't functioning, all vessels are scrambled to take out the enemy forces. After destroying all enemy vessels and the Headshot Asteroid, the fleet finally heads to Hiigara.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Protect the Mothership

Strategy[edit | edit source]

This can either be a very simple mission, or a very hard mission. You should not leave Bridge of Sighs if your fleet doesn't comprise of a large number of capital ships (strike craft are meaningless by this point): the Headshot Asteroid has an armor level equal to a mothership so only capital ships (a large number) will work to stop the threat. As soon as you gain control of the vessels, move your entire battle group to a point in front of the Mothership, then wait for a large X Formation of Interceptors. Take them out as fast as possible, then destroy the many Multi-Gun Corvettes. Shortly after, there will be a large broad formation of Assault Frigates and Destroyers coming into sight, as well as a moderate sized X Formation of Assault Frigates. Take these out as fast as possible (losing ships will almost certainly happen), then move all vessels to the Asteroid. Once it has been destroyed, exit immediately.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • If your fleet lacks in firepower, capture many of the ion frigates and other super capital ships from the previous mission! This can help many who are struggling to build a large fleet with progression in this mission.
  • Don't put ships on guard duty or formations. There's no point and will likely cause the destruction of the Mothership.
  • As soon as you start, send a proximity sensor towards the enemy: if you are lucky, the large portion of strike craft will follow it (it is highly recommended to send it way off to the right side to keep them distracted): this will make it easier to take down the capital ships.
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