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Tel Sector
M04 Tel Sector.png
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Rebuild Hangar Module
Guard Clee-San with 10 Acolytes
Defend Fleet
Mission Navigation

Tel Sector is the fourth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign. It marks the beginning of the Beast War and results in the loss of the Clee-San.


The scientist team from the Clee-San begin analysis of the Beacon Pod. However, they unwittingly allow an infection organism to be released, placing the Kuun-Lan in danger...


  • Rebuild Hangar Module
  • Guard Clee-San with 10 Acolytes
  • Defend Fleet



With the lower decks jettisoned, the Hangar Module has been lost. Command recommends harvesting resources and rebuilding the lost module. Send a recon forward from the Kuun-Lan to discover some additional resources. When they've all been harvested, build the Hangar Module: once it's rebuilt, Tactical wants to know what just happened, but the large amount of activity from the Turanic Raiders means the Clee-San needs to be guarded.

If there are no Acolytes in the fleet, delink 5 ACVs and guard them with the Clee-San. Just as the Clee-San reaches the subverted module, it will say "Holding Position": ensuring that all the acolytes are selected and are in Evasive tactics, tell them all to dock as this will keep them safe from the next events. The Clee-San will attempt to analyse the module, but it will go active and fires a particle beam, subverting the Clee-San to an unknown enemy.

Shortly after this, Tactical wants the tapes analysed to find out what happened. During all this, the Kuun-Lan will come under attack from infected Acolytes and Ramming Frigates built by the infection. Just after the tapes are analysed, the Turanic Raiders will enter. Nothing can be done about the next events, in which the entire Raider fleet will just be subverted by the infected module. Since this fleet is far too powerful, leave immediately.


  • If the guarding ships are too close to the infected Hangar Module when the Clee-San gets subverted, the whole module will move to the Kuun-Lan and will start spamming Infection Beam shots on it. Since the Kuun-Lan is immune to the beam, it will just take damage until it is destroyed.
  • When defending the fleet from infected fighters, try to keep all your units next to the command ship: the Kuun-Lan's mass drivers are good support for the fleet.