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Encyclopedia Hiigara

System AZ-23769
M11 M12 Deep Space.png
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Destroy Beast Ships
Repair Faal-Corum
Protect Faal-Corum from the Beast
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System AZ-23769 is the eleventh mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign and involves finding and defending the Faal-Corum.


Unfortunately, the Siege Cannon did not destroy the Beast Mothership and it's inoperable as a result. Tactical determines that an original sample of the Beast is needed and seeks the Faal-Corum...


  • Destroy Beast Ships
  • Repair Faal-Corum
  • Protect Faal-Corum



Compared to the previous missions, this is actually quite straight forward, helped by the fact that the map is very small.

Simply launch any docked ACVs and move them, along with any Multi-Beam Frigates, to attack the enemy ships attacking the Faal-Corum. When they're all destroyed, regroup and harvest the map. Don't repair the Faal-Corum until all the map's resources, including the crystals, are harvested. Once they've been harvested, send some Workers to repair the Faal-Corum, which will trigger another attack from the Beast.

Destroy the infected Carrier quickly so it doesn't produce a lot of Cruise Missiles, then the other ships. Once they're destroyed, the Faal-Corum sends its astrogation team over and leaves for Hiigara.

With the mission over, rebuild the fleet. You should build the maximum two Carriers and fill them both with the maximum Support Modules. Retire all your Multi-Beam Frigates, then replace them with as many Destroyers as you can. You should have 30 ACVs as well, which may require the retirement of some workers. If you want to remove the Processor, you'll need to force-attack it with friendly vessels or scuttle it, since it can't be retired. Leave when ready.


  • Although Tactical says not to fire on any of the Faal-Corum's ships, it is not possible as they are allied ships, which can't be attacked without using Force Attack (Ctrl+Shift+Left Click)