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Sojent-Ra System
M16 Sojent-Ra Sector.png
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Locate the Clee-San
Disable Clee-San with Siege Cannon
Dock Worker with Clee-San
Destroy Beast Mothership fleet
Secondary Objectives
Harvest Resources
Mission Navigation

Sojent-Ra System is the sixteenth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign and involves the destruction of the Clee-San and Beast Mothership.


The Bentusi provide the Kuun-Lan with the information they need to use the Siege Cannon repeatedly. To test the effectiveness of this, they decide to find the Clee-San...


  • Locate the Clee-San
  • Dock Worker with Clee-San
  • Harvest
  • Destroy Beast Mothership fleet


This mission is actually relatively easy, until the Beast Mothership enters the scene.

Don't bother with harvesting, as there is plenty of time for this. Just group everything around the Kuun-Lan and move it directly to the ping. Don't use recons to find the Clee-San, as this will only make it harder to destroy the minor guard fleet. Once the Siege Cannon is within the 50% damage range, fire it at the Clee-San's ping to remove its energy signature.

Once this has happened, destroy any surviving vessels and send a Worker near the Clee-San to send the necessary pulse burst. Harvest some resources while you wait, and move the Kuun-Lan towards the left side and wait for the enemy. Eventually, the Beast Mothership will enter and send a large fleet at you. Use your main battle group to defeat the constant attackers, while you move the Kuun-Lan directly to the enemy Mothership: use the Siege Cannon when it's within close proximity. If the Cannon is too far away, it will do little to no damage.

Once all enemy vessels are destroyed, harvest the map and prepare for the final battle. Make sure to have some Leeches as well...


  • Do not recon the Clee-San! It will only trigger repeated waves of Beast Capital Ships to attack as the Beast Carrier acts as a hyperspace beacon for Beast Heavy Cruiser reinforcements. Instead, just move the Kuun-Lan in the direction of the Clee-San and use the Cannon when it gets in range.
  • The Siege Cannon must be used from distance. If the Kuun-Lan is too close to it (indicated by a high percentage of damage), the Clee-San will be destroyed, failing the mission.