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This is the article on the mission. If you are looking for the article on the planet of the same name, see Gozan IV.

Gozan IV
Mission Info
Primary Objectives
Move Transporters to location
Destroy Proximity Sensor
Engage Planetary Guard
Protect Transports
Mission Navigation

Gozan IV is the ninth mission in the Homeworld: Cataclysm campaign and involves obtaining data from the Taiidan Imperialist base at Gozan IV.


With the captured Resource Collectors, the fleet plans to infiltrate Gozan IV to recover important data regarding the Beast...


  • Move Transports to Location
  • Destroy Proximity Sensor
  • Wait for Transports
  • Protect Transports


Depending on the difficulty, this mission can either be very easy or quite difficult. The level of enemies you face here is wholly dependent on level difficulty, so be aware that the mission is far harder at Normal, than at Very Easy.

The mission will start near the Proximity Sensor grid. There are almost no resources to be found here, so your Workers should probably be docked within the Kuun-Lan and left there. Move the captured Resource Collectors to the signified location to initiate the battle. Once they've reached this location, Tactical wants a diversion and marks out the entire proximity sensor grid: destroying just a single sensor is enough to distract the enemy.

At this point, it's just a matter of engaging enemy forces until the Resource Collectors return from the nearby planet. There'll be a small cutscene at some point where the collectors transmit the codes to the Destroyer, but other than that, the mission is a distraction. Be aware that your Command Ship will probably be hassled by Interceptors throughout, but it'll handle them itself.

Once the collectors return to the map, the Imperialists will move to attack them. As long as one collector returns to the Kuun-Lan, the mission will be completed. Depending on your difficulty, your Command Ship is probably going to be under a large attack, possibly from enemy destroyers. The minute your collectors are on-board, hyperspace immediately. You don't want to wait around here.


  • The cutscene before the mission indicates the Turanic Raiders are guarding the planet, although no such guard fleet exists in the mission. It is possible that the original design was to have the Raiders be the enemy of the mission, although it may have been deemed too easy and therefore switched to the Taiidan Imperialists.
    • Alternatively, this mission may have been created fairly early on in the games' development cycle, but changed later as other missions and the story was developed further.
  • Depending on the level difficulty, there may be a Missile Destroyer present here. If it appears, it is highly recommended to be captured and provides support to your vessels. This ship does not appear at anything below Normal difficulty.